In pursuit of excellence, NPL has introduced its brand VELVEX for Total Lubricant Solutions
for both Automotive and Industrial segments. Keeping customer benefits and service at the
forefront, VELVEX has been developed to provide complete satisfaction with simultaneously
offering value for money to its esteemed customers. Always provide quality products and
services to its customers at the right price and right time through an efficient system
is a mission of the company.

Velvex Industrial Products

Hydraulic fluids also called hydraulic oils, are used for transfer of power from one end to other user end in hydraulic equipment’s. Common hydraulic oils are based on mineral oil and selected additives like anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-foam as required for specific end use.

Spindle oils are low viscosity mineral oils used in lubrication of high speed machine spindles in Textile Industries. Spindle oils are blended from highly refined hydro treated oils fortified with antioxidant &antirust additives to meet the requirements of Textile machineries.

Machine oils are lubricantsused to reduce friction between moving surfaces. Machine oils are blended from high viscosity index base oils. These oils have good oxidation and thermal stability.

Industrial Gear oil is a lubricant made specifically for industrial gearboxto take care of the variety of speed-load conditions encountered in service. Industrial Gear oils are used in heavy duty enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication system operating under heavy or shock load conditions.

Gear Oils are blended with high viscosity index base oils and fortified with chemically active additives,which react with the metalsto prevent gear damage.

Compressor oil is a lubricant used for lubrication of reciprocating and rotary air compressors. Compressor oil provides excellent lubrication under high temperature and high load conditions with low carbon-forming tendency and protection against entrained air. Compressor oils are manufactured from highly refined base stocks fortified with Oxidation, rust corrosion and foam inhibitors.

Machine Tool Way Oil are oils used for the lubrication of slide ways and guides of planers, grinders,shapers etc. These oils provides smooth chatter free operations with minimum stick slip and improved surface finish of the work piece.

Machine Tool Way oils are manufactured from highly refined base stocks with high oxidation stability and are formulated with extreme pressure,anti-foam and tackiness additives.

Heat transfer oil also known as thermal fluid is used for heat transfer. Heat transfer oils are used either as coolants or for heating in industrial application of heat transfer. It draws off heat by circulating through heat transfer systems.

Heat transfer oils posses low volatility to minimize evaporation loss in the open systems and low vapor pressure to eliminate vapor lock in the circulating pumps for long and trouble free service life.

Heat transfer oils are blended using highly refined mineral oils with exceptional inherent oxidation stability, strong thermal stability and good heat transfer properties for use in Industrial applications.

Soluble Cutting oil is a coolant and lubricant designed specifically for metalworking and machining processes. Soluble cutting oils are mixed with water to form emulsion, as required for variety of cutting operations on both ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Soluble cutting oils are manufactured by mixing carefully selected base oils and emulsifiers which have bearing on the stability of the emulsion in the hard water.

Neat cutting oils or straight cutting oils are usually based on mineral oils with or without additives as required for specific end use. These oils are used for severe machining operations of gear cutting, broaching and threading of alloys.

Neat Cutting oils are generally blends of mineral oils with or without additives like active and non-active sulphur, fatty oil etc to give better surface finish and longer life of cutting tools.

Honing oils are generally used in machining operations, like honing, lapping, turning, drilling, tapping etc. of all metals and non–ferrous metals and their alloys except Titaniumalloys, for super finishing of work pieces.

Honing oils are blended with low viscosity base oils fortified with specially selected additives to impart good lubricity characteristics and low temperature fluidity for honing and lapping operations.

Synthetic grinding oils / Fluids are type of grinding fluid used for grinding operations of Iron, steel, Non-alloyed steels, nickel chromium steels, high Nickel and Titanium alloys. These Synthetic grinding oils are NOT to be used for grinding operations of aluminum, Zinc, copper or magnesium alloys, tin & cadmium coated parts.

Synthetic grinding oils / fluids are water based synthetic fluid supplied in concentrated form and are to be diluted with water in suitable ratios before use.

Quenching Oil is a oil used for cooling metal components in hardening and tempering operations. Used in quenching operations on a wide variety of steels components to impart the desired hardness.

Quenching oils are blended from paraffinic stocks having high flash and fire points and low volatility characteristics with good oxidation stability. These oils are also compounded with fatty oils to provide good wetting characteristic for heat treatment of work piece where accelerated medium speed quenching oil is required.

Rust preventive oils are oils, used for protection of metal components against rusting for longer and shorter duration in indoor and outdoor applications respectively. Rust preventive oils prevent the formation of rust by acting as a barrier between surface atmosphere and metal.


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