NPL has three modern well equipped ISO 9001: 2008 certified Lube Oil Blending Plants (two
located at MIDC, Taloja near Mumbai and one at Silvassa) with a total capacity of 60,500 KLPA
on a single shift basis. NPL also has an ISO certified Grease manufacturing Plant with a capacity
of 6000 MTPA located at Taloja.

These plants have three main sections viz Base Oils Storage Tank Farm, Blending Section,
& Filling Section. Lube Oil blending has various mixing kettles ranging from 6 KL to 20 KL for
different products. These blending kettles are equipped with load cells to ensure right quantity
of oils & additives is charged. Vessels also have heating, circulation & stirring arrangement to
ensure proper mixing of additives & base oils.

Dedicated vessels are being used to blend different products such as Motor oils, Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Cutting Oils, Hydraulic oils and Greases to avoid intermixing.

Different grades of lubricants are blended from base oils and special additives. Each lubricant has its own method of preparation and specifications. All the raw materials and finished lubricants are tested in our in-house R&D laboratory. After thorough QC check, the lubricants are packed in difference packs ranging from 500 Ml to 210 ltrs Drums through a variety of automated filling machines.

NPL has invested in state of the art grease production plant, laboratory and quality control equipment?s for the manufacture of a wide range of greases such as Lithium Greases, Calcium Greases, Synthetic and Specialty Greases. The soap of the grease is prepared in a pressure kettle and is finished using base oils in the cooking kettle and mixing kettle. The final grease is then cooled in a cooking / holding kettle before It is filled in various pack sizes. All greases are manufactured to IS specifications and NLGI Specifications.

Research and Development (R & D) activities are an integral part of our overall operations and are directed towards the corporate objective of growth and excellence.

Our Research and Development Cell, equipped with modern testing facilities, has developed customized lubricants to meet the requirements of each of our OEM Customers.

For Greaves Cotton Ltd., we developed special tailor-made engine oil, which doubled the oil change interval from 250 hours to 500 hours.

Super Clean Oils meeting NAS 6 specifications, considered to be a tough challenge, has been developed for BEML for their heavy earth moving equipment?s which are used in hostile environments such as coal mining, road constructions etc.

We have developed Genuine Oils for OEMs like Pumpset oils, diesel engine oils, Motor oils, Transmission oils, Cutting Oils hydraulic oils, Motorcycles 4T oils, Multi purpose grease, specialized greases etc. Our technical expertise along with continuous R&D has been one of the major factors in the long business relationships with our OEM customers.

Plot No. J-26, MIDC,Taloja 24,000 KL/year Capacity

Plot No. J-34, MIDC,Taloja 14,000 KL/year Capacity

Plot No.96/1, Falandi, Silvassa 22,500 KL/year Capacity

Grease Plants

Plot No. J-26, MIDC, Taloja. 6,000 MT Capacity per annum.