Genuine Oil is a tailor-made product, specially manufactured after extensive field trials to meet
specific requirement of Engine in terms of reduced engine component wear, enhanced engine
re-build life and extended drain service intervals etc. The difference between specification oil and
Genuine Oil is in terms of its additional performance tags for specific engine/equipment. Each OEM
prefers own Genuine Oil, which is logical.

Invariably a question arises in the mind of user as to why he should use Genuine Oil, why can?t he
use other oil available in the market. This a very valid question, as any user has a right to know
why he should spend more on Genuine Oil and in what way he will be benefited with its usage.

It is commonly believed that all oils are alike. True in looks, but not true in its performance abilities. Generally, the performance characteristic of an engine oil is spelt out on the container in terms of API service category like API CC/SC,CD/SF, CF4/SF, CH4/SJ or as IS E-DL1, E-DL3, E-DL5 etc. There are national and internal specifications, which are generally followed by marketers and it is an indication in general of its performance capabilities.

With the growing customer expectations in terms of longer equipment life, fuel economy, reliability in service and complying with prevalent emission norms, it has become necessary particularly for prestigious OEMs. OEMs recommend use of their Genuine Oils as it reduces warranty claims and enhances brand equity.

  • Enhances engine re-build life
  • Ensures peak performance for long
  • Customized product to meet engine aptitude
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Strengthens brand equity
  • Extends drain service intervals
  • An all round the year oil
  • Total engine protection during working and idle period
  • Reduced down time and increased profits

Our Offerings For OEM's

  • Lubrication Technology Consultation
  • Shared Technical Trends, Information
  • Consistent Worldwide Performance Standards
  • Field Engineering Support and Liaison
  • Reliable Nationwide Supply
  • Ethical Business Relationship

OEM Approvals

Quality of lubricant is a key parameter for operation of the Engine/ Machine. NPL has proved its ability to produce Highest Quality Lubricants by obtaining Approval from several OEMs.